Monday, May 24, 2010


Rocky and the greys got their nails done over the weekend. Rocky actually doesn't seem to mind his nails getting done -- he could easily bite Thomas if he wanted to -- but turns into the protector of the parrots when the Dremel comes out.As such, I couldn't get any pictures of the greys being done -- for his own safety, Thomas needed to do them behind a closed door. And to protect the door from being destroyed in Rocky's zeal to save the greys, I needed to be on the other side, entertaining him.

Luckily, Thomas is very fast, so this didn't take long. Everyone got a nut after, and was happy again. The caiques still need to be done; maybe this weekend.


Ben and Carrie Cook (McAtee) said...

If this isn't one of the cutest pictures.... Do your parrots like to click their beaks at you when they are getting their "nails done"? How funny about Rocky wanting to save the greys from the dremel experience! I have only had experience dremelling owl's talons and boy do they click :) Really enjoy your blog, just stumbled upon it and found myself reading all the way back to the beginning...


Mary said...

Thanks for the comment :) My parrots don't click at all when their nails are being done, but I have helped groom some cockatoos that do.

We usually sing to them while it's being done, to try to calm them down, so Rocky usually is singing/moaning along! The greys act like we're torturing them.