Monday, May 10, 2010


Max may know something we don't about an impending vampire invasion, as she has been playing with garlic all weekend. Peeling it, separating the cloves, etc.
Sometimes just standing there with the bulb in her beak:This video, once again, captures some of the dynamic of the relationship between the two of them. Note in the background that there are plenty of garlic bulbs that Stella could have picked up, if she wanted to play with a bulb.

On Saturday, when Max was playing with the garlic, she dropped it in a full glass of water that was on the counter. The challenges of living with a parrot that likes to do the retrieve trick! That bulb then became exclusively a parrot toy.

She was also playing with the garlic this morning. As I put her in her cage for the day, I went to give her a kiss on her beak; part of our normal routine. The garlic smell was so strong! I'm not sure if this will protect all of us from vampire attacks, or just Max!

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