Monday, May 24, 2010

Scenes from nest exploration

I've probably mentioned before that Rocky loves to open cabinet doors and other doors. We don't really like him doing this, because he sometimes take some wood off of the bottom of the door, and we do hope to sell this house someday!

Over the weekend, his penchant for opening cabinet doors benefited Stella.

First, I heard her banging her beak against something; it turned out to be the bowls in the cabinet. I grabbed the camera to see what she'd do next.I closed her in, to see if she'd try to come out, but she was happy in the dark cabinet. Since I do not want to encourage reproductive or egg-laying behavior, I took her out of here as soon as I took this picture.We found her in there one other time over the weekend, so now we have to be very careful about whether Rocky has opened up any of the doors.

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