Thursday, May 20, 2010

Shower aftermath

This morning, I took the greys and caiques in the shower with me. This requires some juggling, as Max and Calypso will both try to attack Beeps occasionally. I just have to keep an eye on things, and realize that the shower might not be as relaxing as I would like it to be!

After I'm done showering, I toss the birds into the kitchen, where they usually fly onto stands. Today, Beeps apparently decided to land on a plant instead:Here are the three of them; Beeps in the plant and Max and Calypso on the stand:
When we're showering, I ask each one if they want to come under the spray; Calypso and Stella always turn down my offer (but I persevere; hoping they will some day accept). This morning, Max originally turned down my offer. Beeps always accepts. As soon as Max saw Beeps in the shower, she started begging to come in as well.

A wet caique:


joe wiedenbeck said...

I love it when my fids are all wet. Almost as much as a messy beak!

Mary said...

I agree -- Beeps is never as adorable as when he's wet!!!