Monday, May 10, 2010

Radishes: a grey story

Over the weekend, Thomas cleaned the radishes I bought him at the farmers' market. Max was the first to come over. As usual, I don't think she was eating them, but possibly licking the water off of them, or maybe just licking them? (It is very strange, her fascination with radishes since I have never seen any evidence of her eating them!)She moved around for a better angle:
But her happiness did not last long. Stella noticed that Max was enjoying herself, so she had to come over to see what the fuss was about.
From the above picture, it would appear that there are plenty of radishes to go around. Especially if they're just licking them. Not when these greys are involved!

Stella giving Max the stink eye:
Max thinking about fighting back:
It worked! Stella has the radishes to herself:
But not for long -- greys are persistent!
Stella chased Max off again:
When Max didn't come back over, Stella quickly lost interest.

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