Thursday, May 6, 2010

The sneak attack

Andreas needed some help with his molting. We're especially concerned about the dead skin around his feet, as if the skin is not removed, it can constrict the blood flow. He lost two toes to this during his vet visit the day after we purchased him.
Rocky followed Thomas into the kitchen where he stopped to take care of Andreas. He wasn't the only one keeping an eye on things. Max was also around (though the picture I took of her was too fuzzy to post), as was Stella:After Andreas was back in his tank (and sulking -- he immediately went in his hide), Rocky pulled one of his sneak attacks on Thomas. I love how he gets so much joy out of this! He pulled a sneak attack on me once, years ago, when I was drying my hair and didn't realize he was out of his cage. I am now very careful, as I wouldn't put it past him to turn one of these fake attacks into a real one. As a runner, the last place I would ever want a parrot bite is on my feet!

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