Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Parrot personalities

I've written before how much Rocky likes to stand in front of the patio door and look outside:Thomas hates it when he does this, as he's worried Rocky may take a bite out of the wood. But he was working late last night, and Rocky was persistent as I was busy doing other things, so he got to stare outside for a bit. Luckily, our patio door remained intact!

Then, a curious visitor joined him:If you look at Rocky, you can see that he's gearing up to attack her in order to keep this view to himself.

Thomas finally got home, and collapsed on the floor in exhaustion. Yes, he can be a bit melodramatic at times -- perhaps it's this personality trait which makes him so appealing to the parrots as they love drama and excitement!

In any case, as soon as he hit the ground, Stella flew down to be near him. She was preening him in this picture. He kept telling her to stay out of his ear, but she didn't listen, so he finally picked himself up to put a stop to that.
Later on in the evening, Max flew over to take a drink out of my water glass. Though she had shown no interest in my water for the past hour or so we were all in the kitchen with it, Stella had to immediately fly over to see what Max was up to:And then she chased Max off. Once again, the flock dynamics are so intriguing.


Bryan said...

Lovely flocks you have! Rocky is really cute in that picture!

Mary said...

Thank you for your nice comment! Sometimes Rocky can be so adorable it's hard to believe the stunts he pulls :)