Monday, May 3, 2010

Spring Fever

Sunday mornings, I run with a group of my friends. Thomas is invited, but chooses not to go. I'll frequently go out for breakfast after, which means he's alone with the parrots from about 8 am until noon.

Yesterday, when I got home, only Rocky and Beeps were out of their cages. He told me the parrots were suffering from spring fever and driving him nuts!

He'd had all of the parrots out during breakfast. He said that Stella was being naughty, "as usual, but 100 times worse" so he put her in her cage so he could finish reading the paper.

He'd set his plate on the counter, with the intention of washing it when he was done with the paper. Max flew over and immediately threw the plate, and all of its crumbs, onto the floor. He was most upset that it was premeditated, given the timing of throwing the plate on the ground. It's not like the plate got in her way so she had to do something about it. She flew over expressly to throw the plate on the ground. Then she did a victory dance.

He overlooked this, but a few minutes later, she started eating the banana he'd set aside, through its peel. That was the last straw, so she went in her cage.

A few minutes later, he heard a caique freak-out in the living room, and found Rocky and Calypso fighting on the floor. So they both were put away. While he was putting them away, Beeps flew over to attack him, so Beeps also went in his cage.

Though he was planning to take a rest day, Thomas decided to go for a run to get out some of his frustration! Upon his return, he let Rocky out so he wouldn't scream, but kept everyone else locked up. After a few minutes, Rocky walked in the kitchen, followed by Beeps flying in. Rocky's lately been opening up Beeps's food door, so he can escape.

This is about the time that I returned. We exercised all of the parrots, so they could get out their frustration in a more positive manner, and then went out to the marsh, which I will post about later.

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