Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tuesday night parrot interactions

Last night, the parrots were irritating each other with greater regularity than usual. Not surprisingly, most (all) of the encounters involved at least one grey.

Stella, in the process of chasing Max off of Max's cage:Max doesn't really mind, as she just flew to Calypso's cage. Stella didn't want her there, either, so she is about ready to chase her off of Calypso's cage as well:Max landed on the ground, safe from Stella, when she encountered Rocky:
All she wanted to do was chip his wood chips into even smaller pieces. After this initial confrontation, she moved a few inches further away from him, and that was fine.

And Stella threatening Calypso. On Calypso's cage. After taking this picture, I removed her immediately. He shouldn't have to deal with a bully:He's able to run her off the top of his cage, but this stance could only mean beaking each other, and no good can come from that. As much as I like for the parrots to work out their own issues, there are times when human involvement becomes necessary!

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