Thursday, May 20, 2010

Beeps and Rocky's Excellent Adventure

Every afternoon when I get home from work, I hear Beeps beeping while I'm still in the garage. Yesterday, the beeping seemed to be coming from the kitchen instead of the living room. I wasn't too concerned, until I went in the house to find this:Beeps hanging out on a stand in the kitchen! He should be in his cage! How did this happen? My initial guess was that Rocky had opened Beeps's food dish door earlier that morning and I hadn't noticed when I'd put them away for the day.

Until I heard the tell tale *click click click* coming down the hallway. Guess who else was out?Rocky had somehow figured out how to open his own food dish door:And then went over and let Beeps out as well:
I'm hoping that either Thomas or I just didn't close Rocky's door well and this was a one-time thing, or we will have to buy him another, more secure cage.

A thorough investigation of the house uncovered no damage. They (most likely Rocky) destroyed the newspaper under Stella's cage:
But they didn't take chunks out of cabinets, doors, or eat the wires on the lizards' cages. They didn't attack any of the caged parrots or each other. We were really lucky. I don't even want to think about the damage that would have occurred had it been the greys.

The only other funny thing is that Rocky went into the bathroom and opened all of the cabinet doors. The actual door was wide enough for a macaw to fit through, but not a human. It was an acrobatic exercise for me to get the cabinet doors closed enough for a person to enter, since the open cabinet doors impeded opening the real door any further.

I'm so curious as to how long the two of them had been out. Did they return to their cages at all to eat or to drink? Did they irritate the other parrots? It's times like these I wish I had a web cam on them!


Da_Gut said...

Yeah, when you spot that a bird is out, you kind of freeze. First you find the bird, then you start looking for damage.

Harley Macaw has gotten out twice. The first time I found him in the kitchen, on the counter, eating a loaf of bread. I was cool with that - bread versus house? Bread!

Second time he destroyed the arm of an office chair. That too I can deal with.

I wired shut all of his bowl doors, except the ones in use. He can't fit out one with the bowl in the holder, and never has figured out how to get the bowls out of their holders.

Mary said...

The way his cage is designed, he could easily knock the food dishes out, resulting in breakage. Not good!

I laughed at the image of Harley on the counter, eating bread. What a funny guy!

The other time Rocky got out, he took the bookmark out of the library book I had been reading and left shreds of the bookmark all over both levels of the house. That's when we got him this cage, which had been impenetrable for several years.

There is a macaw who boards at the rescue where I volunteer who is so mechanical. Every day, he unscrews all of his toys and perches in his cage. He has to be locked in, with a combination lock, or he escapes. No cage can contain him!!!