Thursday, May 6, 2010

Parrot perching

Stella's obsession with Thomas continues. He was standing on a chair yesterday and leaned over to grab something. Stella decided that his backside would make a good perch!A closer view; how is she holding on?He got her off of him and went to the sink to prepare some vegetables for dinner. Not thwarted, she went to his head instead:
And in another ongoing saga, Beeps is still demanding to be on me as much as possible. I do not allow the parrots (and certainly not this unpredictable caique!) on my shoulder, which means I have to be a bit more creative in finding ways to get work done while tending to his social needs.

I was able to wash the mushrooms by having him on my arm instead of my hand.
This morning, Beeps bit me, totally unprovoked. He may have temporarily lost his human perching privileges unless I can give him 100% attention and therefore be on alert for the first signs of overload so I can get him off of me! The bite was not too deep (despite his best efforts) and I expect to heal quickly. As I left for work this morning, he was regurgitating for me and saying "Pretty baby!" from his cage. Not so much!

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