Monday, August 22, 2011

Happy reunion!

Last week, Thomas and I were traveling out west (hence the light blogging.)  Since we were going to be so close, I contacted Shannon to see if we could visit; of course, the answer was yes.  It was great to see Shannon again, and to meet the other members of the flock that I've read so much about over the years: Sam, Chipper, Charlie, and Bun Rab.  And of course, Steve!

He looked amazing -- Thomas noticed that his body composition was quite improved and I noticed his relaxed and happy body language.

At first he seemed maybe a little wary:
But then he quickly relaxed again and even perched with one foot up!
And these pictures were taken only 10-15 minutes after getting his nails trimmed; last year, before Shannon, that would have set him back for weeks.  It's really amazing what she's done for him and what a lucky bird he turned out to be.

I think he may have recognized us, in that I suspect if we were strangers he wouldn't have come to the front of his cage so readily, but he didn't make any other sounds/movements to make me think this.  I'm sure he was relieved when we left and he knew that things were going to remain the same in his wonderful home.

I'll post some birding pictures later once I get settled back in and get caught up on work, as well as updates on my own birds.

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phonelady said...

So good to visit old friends is'nt it ? so glad you had a good visit as well .