Friday, August 26, 2011

Help keep me grounded

An extremely tame, sweet, gorgeous female budgie was surrendered to the rescue where I volunteer.  I mentioned her to Thomas, thinking he would object (as he has in the past when I mentioned theoretically that Brian would like a partner.)  This would let me off the hook for any guilt -- after all he's the one that said no, not me.

But his response?  "Bring her home!  I make two pieces of toast in the morning!"  That's not the response I wanted!

If she were old, or had a large tumor, she'd already be at my house.  I have to keep telling myself no -- we've already got 7 birds, and that's enough.  Plus, I really like to stick to similar-sized birds which reduces the chance of a severe accident happening.  I only agreed to take Brian because he was a hospice bird who needed a good home for his final days.  (Luckily we've gotten more months with him than planned; with any lucky we'll continue to have many more.)

I'm really hoping that someone adopts her before my resolve completely weakens.  I love budgies!

ETA: She was adopted today, which is what I hoped would happen.  I think we'll stick to old and/or tumor budgies and leave the young, healthy ones for other people to adopt.


phonelady said...

Oh now just stop and take her home you know she looks just like brian and she might get along with him more than you think . I know how you feel about the accidents because one of my ringnecks killed one of my finches and i was so mad . But fate took care of that someone broke into my house in florida and stole all my birds . Oh please just take her in .

D. Richard said...

Here is my thought , Brian has the last word on the mater , Having someone to preen and be preened would be good for him but he has only known humans and now other parrots kept at a distance . This new bird would be a cage mate I would think . Yes I know about quarantine for a new bird . So if they get along , go for it . 20 Parakeets are easier to take care of than 5 AG Parrots

Michelle said...

Come know you want her. She is adorable. I bet Brian would fall head over heels over her. You have been such a blessing to Brian, and he, a blessing to all of us who follow your blog. Give the little gal a home!

Wildbird said...

Here's another thought. If you get this keet for little "Brian", then I don't think he will be so close and friendly to you anymore. A keet friend will be great for him but I am also wondering if this hen (and from experience they are so unpredictable)would start picking at his tumor (a major problem when you guys are at work). I'm saying this because this has happened to one of my finches.

D. Richard said...

A very good thought that I have all but forgotten about since we cannot see it most of the time (wildbird)