Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mr. Popular, part 1

Thomas has to be on call about once a month, which means he receives patient calls at home.  Obviously, this is not compatible with having parrots; at least not loud ones.  When a patient calls their doctor, they expect professionalism, not a screaming macaw!  (Oh, yes, Rocky, I am looking at you!)

When he gets calls, I do my best to keep the parrots occupied and quiet, and he usually goes upstairs to make a buffer between him and the noise.

Last time he was on call, he only went into a back bedroom on the first floor -- a place where the parrots all have easy access to go.  His back was hurting him, so he lay down on the floor.  One by one, the parrots followed him, opening up the door that had been mostly closed, but left open enough so they could push it open.

The greys, wandering around:
Notice Rocky trying to nest in his shirt while the greys walk around:
They are so goofy!
They were quiet and happy, so at least that was accomplished.

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phonelady said...

I so know how he feels cause once I get on the phone mine start . The first one starts with hello and then the other two feel like that is their cue to do their screaming and screeching .