Monday, August 29, 2011

Sandhill cranes

Over the weekend, we went to the marsh for some birding.  It was gorgeous!
There were s fair number of sandpipers and other shorebirds, but our camera is so poor that they all came out fuzzy.

I did get a nice shot of a couple of cranes, though:
We'd heard them calling and then saw them fly over us, so it was a nice surprise to see them standing here when we were driving back home.  Of course, no way to tell if these were the two we saw flying!


Elizabeth said...

I love Sandhill Cranes. When I first visited Utah I saw my first Sandhill Cranes and I told my husband, "That's it, we're moving here." I saw some doing a mating dance a few months ago, it really looked like a dance.

phonelady said...

I really like the sandhill cranes as well i think they are beautiful .

D. Richard said...

OK I give up , I thought I knew where you lived or at least what part of the United States but I guess I am wrong