Monday, August 15, 2011

Cage chasing

The other day, we were watching baseball on TV, which means we were sitting on the couch and the larger parrots (everyone but Brian) was out of their cages.  Brian was out of his cage as well, but he was on my shoulder, for his safety.

Max and Stella have been a bit feistier with each other than usual.  I didn't get a picture of this (though it's the reason I went into the kitchen to grab my camera), but Max had gone into Calypso's cage to play with his toys. When Stella saw this, she flew over to Calypso's cage, guarded the door so Max was stuck, and played with Calypso's toys as well.  She is such a follower!

Max managed to sneak out through a corner, but was then pursued (if you look closely you can see Calypso's green wing and yellow/black head in the upper right of the cage):
After a stop to play with his toys some more (Calypso's head is visible at the far right of the picture, in the middle):
She made it up to the top and displaced Max, which was probably her goal all along:
It is so fascinating to watch these two interact.  Note they are still ignoring my lectures to befriend each other!

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