Monday, August 1, 2011

Worms, part 2

The lizards had their annual vet visit last week; they had worms, again  Luckily (for me), just the microscopic pinworms and not the giant, visible tapeworms they had last time.

They're going to a new vet (their old vet moved out of state), and he was fantastic!  I was very impressed with his lizard handling and knowledge.  The lizards were impressed with his efficiency and speed as they were back in their warm tanks quickly (their previous vet was very good, but very, very slow.)

In order to get rid of the worms, both lizards need 10 days of medication:

In an interesting development, Rocky, who has always been a parrot protector, is also now a lizard protector.  As Thomas medicates the lizards, I can hear him saying "Rocky, please stop biting me!  I am helping the lizards!" etc.  It is fake biting, but Rocky is letting him know his feelings on the subject.
I wanted to try to get a picture of Thomas medicating Elsa (the above two pictures were Andreas), but Rocky didn't want me to get too close. 
He takes his protection responsibilities seriously.  Almost as seriously as his wood-chipping and paper-tearing responsibilities, of which you can see the evidence behind him.


phonelady said...

Those lizards and birds are almost like my chihuahuas and my quakers . If one of my quakers screams boy my chihuahua runs and checks on them .

Elizabeth said...

So if the first worm infestation was a result of being caught in the wild, does anyone have a theory about where they came from this time? I would think that lettuce from the grocery store would be ruled out but maybe your CSA veggies?

Mary said...

Elizabeth -- the vet did think it was something they were eating. I give them dandelions from our yard, but wash them well as well as stuff from the grocery store, farmers market, and CSA. I'm really not sure where they're coming from, but he wasn't too concerned. It does gross me out, but at least I can't see them!