Monday, August 29, 2011

Stella's eye

Stella's eye, which was injured by Max in self-defense, is nearly healed.  I wanted to get a pictures of her wound one week in, but she kept doing weird things with her eyelid:
And then apparently decided she'd had enough from me as she flew away (about to launch):
Thomas tricked her into posing by giving her beak-rubs:
I'm curious if there will be any scars, and will share on the blog once I know what happens.  My guess is that she'll be as good as new.


phonelady said...

Looks like it is healing nicely glad no avian vet visit required .

Michelle said...

Gosh...Max really got Stella good. Stella sure was naughty for jumping Max, but I am really relieved that she sustained no great injury. I guess one should never under estimate the power of a grey!...even another grey!