Friday, August 26, 2011

Reverse escape

Last night, I was alone with the parrots as Thomas was working late.  I was cooking dinner in the kitchen with Brian and the greys.  My new world birds were all in the living room.  Beeps was locked in his cage as he'd been picking fights so I needed to be able to closely supervise him when he's out, while the other three were out.  Basil and Calypso just stay on their cages and while Rocky does roam, he doesn't bother the parrots and mostly stays out of trouble.

I do keep an ear open for trouble, and Rocky and Basil are both world-class tattle-tales who make a fuss if anyone -- except themselves -- misbehaves.  Luckily, Basil will tell on Rocky and Rocky probably would tell on Basil (who's not yet done anything to warrant such a reaction), so everyone's covered.  Of course, Basil does occasionally cry wolf, but I find that endearing.

Suddenly, I heard Beeps fly to the other side of the room -- but how could this be as he was safely locked in his cage?  I immediately ran into the living room and saw this:
Which, upon further examination, was actually this:
That's right -- Rocky let Beeps out of his cage so that Rocky could go inside!  Smart guy; he likes to visit Beeps's cage every night to scavenge for whatever Beeps didn't eat.  (Beeps does this to Rocky as well; luckily their preferences complement each other -- frequently Rocky is eating Beeps's food while Beeps eats Rocky's food.  They get the same food.)

Last night, because Beeps was locked in his cage, so was his dinner, which meant Rocky had to work a little harder to get to his food.

As soon as I tried to take pictures, Rocky climbed out onto Beeps's dish:
And then came over to threaten me; this picture is Rocky in progress; he wanted to get as close to me as possible to make his threat most effective:
I left before Rocky could get in threat position, so he had to follow me into the kitchen to finish the job:
Meanwhile, Beeps was happily on Rocky's cage, playing with Rocky's toys and eating Rocky's food.
Beeps got put back in his cage for safety, and was let out once I could go into the living room and supervise carefully.

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phonelady said...

wow I think I would have had a heart attack . seriously I could not imagine them all being out together . Jeeze talk about hysterics . LOL !!!