Thursday, August 4, 2011

All together

Last night after dinner, Thomas was lying down on the ground to stretch out his back.  This proved to be an irresistible call to most of the parrots, as four of them immediately ran/flew over.  Unfortunately, I didn't think to take a picture when this was happening, as he'd already sat up by the time I got the camera.

Rocky forced himself into Thomas's shirt to chip up wood pieces (you can see the evidence on the floor), Beeps was wandering around on his chest, and the greys were wandering around the ground.  In this picture, he's holding Stella and Max is just to his right, in front of the TV stand.
But didn't I mention Beeps?  Oh yes I did!  As soon as he saw the camera, he flew over to the lizards' cages to posture and think about attacking me (the camera is one of his triggers that can provoke an attack.)
As I hid the camera after taking these pictures, all attacks were averted.

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phonelady said...

thank goodness cause mr beeps looks like he could do some major damage .