Wednesday, August 31, 2011

More Little Brian

I have not been diligent about taking pictures the past few days, so as I was eating breakfast this morning, I realized I had nothing to post.  Luckily, Brian was willing (even eager?) to let me take more pictures of him.

Every day he charms me even more.  Today, he started following me around the kitchen by flying between the counter and table when I'd walk back and forth.  Previously, he'd follow me by running back and forth along the length of the table, but he added the counter into the equation, so can now get closer.

Last night, he flew to Thomas's shoulder, which made Thomas very happy -- who can resist a little budgie?

He continues with his newspaper-standing ways:
Look at me, not the newspaper!
I wanted to get a picture of him from above, as I find his patterns and coloring striking.  Knowing him, you will not be surprised that he turned his head around to look directly into the camera!
If you take a picture of me, I must look at you!
He also had to work on destroying the edges of the paper.  Because he takes such small bites, this does not impede our use of the paper:
Admiring his work:
I must not have kept him out as long as he would have liked this morning, as he started throwing a fit, slamming his toys around, when I put him in his cage so I could leave for work.  He quickly calmed down and I can't wait to see him again this afternoon!

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phonelady said...

oh my gosh my quaker tears his paper in the bottom of his cage as well . He only does that when he is mad at me for putting him in his cage at night and he does not want to go. LOL !!!