Friday, August 12, 2011


I haven't written much about Brian lately, but he continues his antics and is as adorable as ever.  We had visitors a few weeks ago, and he didn't want to step up for them.  In a way this was disappointing, but I was also happy that he feels confident enough to fly away -- and that he chooses to spend time with us!

Over the past few weeks, he has started to develop a preference for me.  If Thomas wakes up first, I come downstairs to find Brian standing in front of my place on the kitchen table, like this:
He also likes to sit on my dish while I eat (I could only get a picture of this since his back was turned; as soon as he saw the camera, he ran over!)
And started posing:
We are all shocked that he is still around; we thought he'd be with us for only a few weeks or months.  What an unexpected treat we've had, though Thomas may never believe me again when I tell him I'd like to bring home a hospice bird!


phonelady said...

Brian is a little darling and yes Im so glad he has been with you for so long and I hope many more yrs to come . What a darling little bird .

Anonymous said...

Brian is a darling and has probably lasted longer than anyone expected because he is so happy and well looked after.