Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hard landing

The other day, Max and Stella were chasing each other around the kitchen.  I wasn't watching exactly what was going on, but I was listening.  It sounded like there was a mid-air collision and then someone fell to the ground, but it sounded strange.

This is what I found:
Apparently Stella fell into the box.  As you can see on the right, she was already trying to eat her way out by the time I took this picture.


phonelady said...

Im so glad she is okay. I have a friend that has two birds that are fully flighted and she said that two of them will fly at each other like a war fare game and they hate each other so she has to start clipping feathers when they start this war fare game . LOL !!!

Mary said...

It seems to be a game with these two, and usually someone blinks first, but apparently they were really into this game of chicken :)

Brenda S. said...

I Have a Grey Named Gracie, not yet a year, I let her become flighted which seems to help her a lot but those landings were scary for a whileLOL, I was afraid she was going t break somethig before she masterd the hover and land thing.