Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Please don't go

Max and Stella wish that we would spend all of our time with them.  They've gotten pretty insistent lately, perhaps due to us being gone.

Max knows our routine, having carefully observed us over the years, so she knows that when Thomas comes downstairs in a dress shirt, he's leaving.  She's taken to flying into his head at full speed to show her displeasure.

We don't get this!  First, it must hurt her, as she goes "OOF!" when she hits.  Second, if you're trying to convince someone to stay, wouldn't you be extra nice so they'd want to instead of acting like someone no one wants to be around?

In any case, after he was rammed this morning, Thomas picked Max up to reassure her that he loves her and is coming back.  Then, he tried to put on his shoes, but she refused to leave his hand.

Trying to put shoes on, one-handed:
Refusing to step off of his hand onto the table.  Notice the nonchalant look on her face -- she won't even look down!  She definitely knows what is requested of her, but prefers to stay on him.
Ultimately, he prevailed by handing her off to me.  Since I wasn't yet dressed for work, she was willing to step down for me, knowing I'd still be around for a while.

He then walked to the fridge to put ice in his water bottle, when Stella flew over, trying to get him to stay:
She also refused to step off of his hand, but in an interesting twist, took his thumb firmly in her beak.  She did not bite, and had no intention of biting, but wanted to let him know that she wanted to stay!
As with Max, she happily stepped up from him on to me, so he could leave.


phonelady said...

wow they truly are like little kids are'nt they ? I think greys are awesome wish I could get my hands on one .

Angi Young said...

I have no such problem with my Coco, as soon as I pick up my handbag she says "bye poppy" which is what I've said to her for years as I leave. She's obviously delighted to see the back of me!