Thursday, August 4, 2011

Getting the business

Rocky got the business last night, which he loves.  Look at his feathers fluffed up so as to give Thomas better access.
This is one of Rocky's favorite things.


phonelady said...

Mary , I just thought I would let you know that apparently the sittuation in Troy with the birds was not that dire since they are turning down local offers of help and working with only best friends or so I was told in an email and my minister and his wife were willing to help too and they also got turned down for offering help and they have several big birds . I think maybe they may have made it sound more dire than it was . Im starting to distrust anything I hear about sittuations like this because you wonder if it was really all that dire to begin with ? You know none of us saw pictures of the sittuation and you would have thought it would have been on the news here but it was not and now Im wondering why ? Things like this sittuation make you distrustful of anyone you know what I am saying ? Please get back with me at my email it is on my page if you can clear any of this up . Thanks .

Mary said...

phonelady -- I can't get to your page (it says restricted, but I have been there before -- not sure why it's not working now?); hopefully you will see this comment!

I will e-mail Best Friends to see what is going on. I am shocked that they would turn down any local help. I know they haven't been able to get all of the birds out -- just a few.

I have seen the pictures. They are not allowed to be disseminated at this point for various legal reasons, but I can assure you that it is worse than I imagined. I could only make it through 100 or so of the pictures before I had to stop due to crying. I couldn't sleep last night and tears are welling up again -- it really is horrific.

I'm not sure if they will ever release the more graphic pictures (I hope so as I think people need to see what was really going on there.) I know that they will release pictures of the birds that were still alive when they came in. I think it may have something to do with the laws and the 2 week waiting period as to why this hasn't been in local papers yet.

I saw pictures of dead and half-eaten macaws, cockatoos, and greys. The filth is beyond my imagination.

In any case, I will attempt to get to the bottom of this and post. I completely understand your concerns! I do know there is concern that some of the birds that got out alive may not make it (they were that far gone already) so if your offers are to house birds, it could have something to do with that -- that they have to stabilize them first?