Monday, January 11, 2010


Calypso is doing a lot better, though he's still in the hot box instead of his cage. When we're home, he is out. He's on top in this picture; Beeps is below.
If you look closely, in this picture from Friday evening, Calypso's back foot is slightly red from his mutilation. He has not mutilated at all since Thursday (I would have found blood in the hot box) and his toe has almost healed. He's still hormonal, though, and I worry about having him go to his cage too soon which might trigger more mutilation.

On Friday evening, he started being extremely clingy. He wants to be on me all of the time. Since he's not allowed on my shoulder, he likes to sit in the crook of my arm, near my elbow, and snuggle against my upper arm. I don't let him do this as often as he'd like -- I'm walking a fine line between comforting him and making him more hormonal.

Here's a picture of Beeps, just because:Beeps is hormonal as well; this weekend he started digging and trying to nest in his food dish. He also bit Thomas, though not severely. And Thomas knows better -- he was trying to sneak a quick nap on the couch. That risks a Beeps bite even when hormones are not rampant!

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Beloved Parrot said...

Poor baby! A sore foot AND raging hormones.

I've got a parrot with raging hormones, too, right now.