Friday, January 15, 2010

I got bit last night

Last night started out very pleasantly. The greys, Calypso, and Daphne were hanging out on their cages. Beeps and Rocky came over to the couch to be with us. This is normal.

Beeps was absolutely adorable. He'd be running around on the back of the couch, hop on my shoulder, give me a kiss, and then hop back up to the back of the couch. Then he'd come back and do other funny things. It was so enjoyable!

At one point, Rocky and Beeps were soliciting head pets from Thomas's right hand at the same time.
Here's a picture of Beeps on my lap:
He's a little puffy, but giving no indications that he's going to bite.

Thomas left the room, so Rocky climbed up to the couch and started attacking the blankets that separated me from him. Notice that he often looks at me while he does this. I'm sure he's thinking about getting me while he's getting the blankets!

I was hoping to get a video of Rocky climbing down from the couch, so I started taking another video:

It's a bit unclear what's happening. Beeps is on his cage, and I'm videoing Rocky with my back to Beeps. With no provocation, Beeps flies over, bites me on the tip of my thumb, and then flies back to his cage!

It's not a deep bite, but it's in an inconvenient place, so I keep knocking it and restarting the bleeding. I did get out of doing dishes last night, and Thomas changed the parrots' waters due to my open sore.

Which brings me to another story...

As we were about to leave for work, I put Max, the last bird out, in her cage. Imagine my surprise when she came flying into the kitchen 2 minutes later! Thomas had placed her water dish in Calypso's cage, leaving her water dish open. She saw it and escaped through the open door. After putting her in her cage again, I inspected to make sure everyone had the right water and was locked in. I don't even want to think about what the house would have looked like if Max had had free reign today!

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Richard Lyon said...

I got bit last night too! Wanna compare?

Sorry you got bit. Beeps probably figured he was doing something for you, or something. Bird brains are a touch odd.