Friday, January 22, 2010

Severe macaw screaming

It can be rather difficult to get a video of Rocky screaming since he usually stops once he sees the camera -- most of the screaming I've caught on video has been in the background when he's in a different room.

However, last night something was upsetting him, and he didn't care if I had the camera out.

Parrots can be loud! And Rocky, as a small macaw, is not as loud as some of the larger macaws or cockatoos. Even with all of the windows in my house shut, I have heard him from over 2 blocks away.

I'm hoping he's calmer tonight!


Mary said...

Hi Mary! I couldn't get the video to work. I'll come back later and try again. Hope all is well, I'll write soon! Mary

D. Richard said...

Wow , I just played Rockys clip and Linus went nuts . He started flying from one end of the house to the other just as fast as he could several times , bumping into doorways cabinets lamps and cages . I of course cut the clip mid stream . I had Played it on a laptop with internal speakers only so it was not loud . I dont know what rocky was saying but it must have been pretty threatening in bird speak.a sort of bird version of Mr.T saying " I'm gona get you sucka ". I found Linus under his cage when it was over .

D. Richard said...

Also note , Linus normally flies like a humming bird nearly silently and gracefully. The lovebirds are much louder