Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Thomas's stalker

Last night, Thomas had a stalker. Stella would not leave him alone!

He was gathering the recycling together and briefly put Rocky on his shoulder so he'd have both hands free. Before he knew it, his head was occupied:
When he opened the freezer in order to get the ingredients to make dinner, there she was:
Cooking dinner peacefully, until he once again had a companion:
As dinner was cooking, he sat at the table to read the paper. No surprise what happened next:
She is so funny! She'll sit peacefully for a minute or so, and then she begins banging her beak into whatever part of him is closest to her (usually his head) in order to get attention. At that point, he'll usually toss her and she'll land on a perch. That is, until she makes a return appearance and starts the cycle again.

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Beloved Parrot said...

Perhaps Thomas is wearing her favorite aftershave?