Friday, January 8, 2010

Parrots and yoga

Doing yoga in a home with parrots is not as peaceful as it would be in a home without them!

I was doing a 40 minute session yesterday, and for at least half of that time, the greys were whistling, singing, talking... Good thing I'm doing this mostly for the physical and not mental benefits!

However, it was still better than the time when I was doing yoga upstairs and Rocky walked in the door! Thomas had let him out and then didn't supervise very well -- Rocky made it up the stairs unnoticed. Luckily he started laughing when he got close to me so I was able to extricate myself from a potentially sticky situation in a safe manner.

In a similar vein, after I got home from work yesterday I had to go outside to shovel. It was strangely peaceful. No snowblowers, nobody else outside; only the distant hum of traffic on the highway...and near-constant beeping from Beeps that I could clearly hear outside, through our closed house. Luckily that lasted for only 5 minutes until peace returned. Does he always beep for 5 minutes after we leave the house? Or did he know that I was still within hearing distance?

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DoodleBird said...

Thank you SO MUCH for the greeting card. What a thoughtful thing to do. Calypso is adorable and Nani gave it a kiss...literally. Thanks again sooooo much!