Thursday, January 14, 2010

Toweling himself

Since I've been talking about toweling a fair amount lately, I had to take a picture of what happened last night.

Calypso is still in the hot box (he's almost all healed up but still quite hormonal and I don't want to take any chances). The hot box is on our kitchen table, and we cover the right 1/3 with towels so he has a place to hide if he likes.

Rocky, who is obsessed with towels, climbs onto the table and knocks the towels to the ground pretty much every day. Yesterday, for the first time, he then climbed down to the floor to play with the towels. He managed to get all the way under the towel; in effect, toweling himself!Thomas grabbed him up before I could take a picture of that, but here he is, somewhat still toweled.

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