Friday, January 8, 2010

Toweling Calypso

Here is some proof as to how easy it is to towel Calypso. Most birds are not so accommodating.

Actually, in this video, he wasn't too accommodating as he decided to fly away instead of being toweled!

But this is what usually happens:

Sorry for the poor picture quality and the back-lit environment. I needed both hands to towel him so I had to place the camera ahead of time.

He just sits there while I towel him, and I don't have to worry about controlling his head to avoid a bite or anything. This is not typical parrot behavior!


The Homeless Parrot said...

My AG thinks he's being murdered when the towel comes out - there is lots of screaming, rolling over on his back, and trying to maul the towel.

Mary said...

Yes, our greys are also drama queens with the towel. In fact, when our timneh starts getting attacky (like if we keep her up too late), I just have to say, "Max, do I have to get the towel?" and she immediately calms down and steps up nicely.

Calypso is an anomoly, that's for sure. I'll see if I can video the next time a grey needs to get toweled. I'm sure you've heard the growling from your own grey! You'd think we were torturing them.