Monday, January 11, 2010

Parrot interactions

Over the weekend, Thomas was taking a shower with Rocky and Beeps. Then Max flew in to join the fun. Things were relatively peaceful, though Thomas did have to intervene a few times to keep the peace. In this picture, Rocky is threatening Max, who is leaning away from him.
On a different day, Calypso was in the hot box, when Max came over for a visit. I doubt this was a social call; she was probably trying to get at his food.
Max had been over there for several minutes when I decided to take a picture. As soon as I gave her this attention, Stella flew over to remove Max. Mission accomplished, she didn't get any closer to Calypso. She didn't want to visit him -- she just didn't want Max getting any attention for doing so.The greys typically chase each other around the stand. There are two other stands in our kitchen, including one that looks exactly like this one; however, they usually squabble over the same one.

This time, I think Stella was perched on the cup holders first when Max came up to join her. But then she lifted a foot as a warning to tell Stella to stay away. What audacity since she was the one invading Stella's space! (That's Calypso in the background, right behind Max on the other stand.)Max loves to eat with a spoon. It allows her to angle the food how she likes it and to get maximum scooping angles. Stella could not let her eat in peace:

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Beloved Parrot said...

The lifted foot -- looks like a high five.

I just love how they must have the same thing another one is having, most especially if it's the exact same thing. In the same location.

Though I have no idea why . . .