Friday, January 22, 2010

Caught in the middle

Calypso and Stella were having a stand-off last night:I ended up moving Stella before things could go any further. Calypso has no fear and will jump any of the other parrots -- no matter their size. I didn't want any more trips to the parrot ER, so they were separated.

But not before I took this picture (they won't fight if I'm right there watching, so it was safe to do so):Poor guy -- greys closing in on him!

Speaking of greys, Stella has appropriately-sizes perches all over the kitchen. Why does she so often choose to stay on the cup holders? That cannot be comfortable! Maybe she's working on her balance:Thomas left some popcorn unattended last night and returned to find the master forager helping herself, again:Since he knew there was a possibility this would happen, he waited to top the popcorn until he knew he'd be able to keep the parrots away!

Hope everyone has a great weekend -- Thomas and I are running a half marathon tomorrow; my first race in several months. Will report back on Monday!

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