Monday, January 18, 2010

Max and milk caps

As has been happening more frequently lately, this video is a bit longer than I usually like to post -- around one minute.

One of Max's favorite things to play with is milk caps. We rinse them off before giving them to her, and then she licks the water off and plays with the cap. I have no idea why she finds this so interesting!

The reason I posted so much of the video was to show the interaction between Max and Stella. Even though Max is playing with the cap, you can see that she is very aware of where Stella is. Stella started to come up because she saw Max was getting attention. I love how Max makes sure to keep the cap, even when she has to move! (That's Beeps in the background, beeping and pacing around).

After taking this video, Stella and Max chased each other around the kitchen to several other perching spots; Max held on to the cap throughout the duration of the chase.

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Beloved Parrot said...

If you've said, I've forgotten -- if you live in an apartment, how do your neighbors respond to the noise?

I love watching a parrot totally engrossed in a toy, and it's usually the simple ones like a bottle cap.