Friday, January 29, 2010

Parrot vignettes

In order of occurrence:

Calypso, my most beautiful and neurotic parrot. He's still very hormonal and wants to be on or near me all of the time. I placed him on the counter, where he happily sat while I read the paper. Until I apparently didn't pay enough attention to him so he attacked the paper.Here's Stella playing with a toy; Calypso is in the background. I still do not understand why she often prefers to perch on the tiny cup holder rings! From this angle, you can barely see any feather damage.
For the past couple of weeks, Beeps has decided to hang out on Rocky's cage as much as possible. Rocky doesn't mind since he's usually hanging out on Beeps's cage, or Stella's cage (as is the case here). There are certain of Rocky's toys that Beeps plays with more than Rocky does. Weird.
This morning, Thomas asked me if I wanted him to pour me some juice (despite the fact that it's in a beer glass, it's homemade carrot/celery/blueberry). Then he said, "You'd better get in here soon, or it will be all gone!"
Friday again -- hope everyone has a great weekend!

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