Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Parrot protector

I've mentioned before how Rocky has fashioned himself into some kind of parrot protector. This is very strange to us as normally he does not interact at all with the other parrots. We think he thinks he's more human than parrot. However, his parrot instincts kick in when he senses another parrot is in trouble from one of the humans in the house.

I've talked about this before, here. He immediately runs over and starts to attack Thomas in an attempt to save his parrot counterpart.

Last night, Thomas had to give Beeps his medication. Since he wasn't wearing a housecoat, he was going to towel Beeps instead. He was saying, "I've laid a trap for you, Beeps, and I'm going to get you!" as he stalked Beeps with the towel behind his back.

Before he knew it, he'd trapped a different parrot!
Despite his best efforts, Rocky could not prevent Thomas from administering medication to Beeps:In order to avoid these types of problems, I take Calypso into the bathroom and close the door so as to not upset Rocky. I think Thomas may enjoy the chaos he creates, though.


Richard Lyon said...

As a general rule, Macaw people love chaos. If they didn't, they wouldn't be Macaw people!

Mary said...

Richard, so true! And Thomas is definitely a macaw person. Me, I'm more of a grey...

Beloved Parrot said...

First of all, thanks for your note. I LOVE to declutter, though I'm confused about why I have to keep decluttering six months later. That's how sneaky clutter is.

This is just my behavior stuff kicking in, but predators tend to come after parrots by swooping in over their backs from behind. This is why I always come at my babies with a towel in front of them so they won't think it's a big ole' monster come to have them for lunch.

On the other hand, I wouldn't be surprised if you and Thomas have conditioned them to think a towel coming from behind is a fun game. ;-)

Beeps doesn't look miserable at all during his med sessions -- he looks as if this is some routine thing, which is wonderful. My birds act and look like they're being drown, tortured, and otherwise tormented when I have to give meds (thank goodness rarely), though I do try to play with them in a towel to help condition 'em to it during non-ill times.

Mary said...

My main clutter problem is books. We took 2 large boxes in this past weekend to sell, but have to pare down some more.

Very good point about not swooping in on them. I've heard this mentioned as a possible reason that some greys go phobic (much more detailed than I'm going into here, obviously).

The greys would be putting up a fuss -- so I can't take any credit for the caiques' good toweling behavior. I'll try to video me toweling Calypso tonight. It's really quite amazing how amenable they (the caiques) are.

On the other hand, it definitely is a game with Rocky. He loves towels! But the greys make these sounds like they're being tortured whenever they think a towel is coming their way. Good thing they rarely must be toweled!