Monday, January 11, 2010


Thomas had a bowl of cherries thawing on the counter. He was brewing a kriek, my favorite beer, and needed to add blended cherries to the mixture. This will be ready to drink in about 8 months.
I thought this pose was just adorable -- I love it when she puts her foot up like this:I think she was mostly eating the ice crystals off of the cherries as she showed no interest in eating one on a stand (Stella, on the other hand, devoured a cherry).


Elizabeth said...

I think she's saying, "Oh, please let me have one. I'm so very hungry." Adorable.

DweezelJazz said...

I just love watching the antics of the greys :) thank you

Beloved Parrot said...

Yes! I can tell when Charli really likes a food. She'll immediately put her left foot onto the dish lest anyone try to steal it away from her. It is so cute.

Do you suppose our parrots talk about us like this when we're out of the house? "Oh I just love it when they take a nap and drool!" or "I've told her a million times I do not like showers, but does she listen? Nooo!"