Friday, March 12, 2010

Grey pictures

The greys often perch on stands on opposite sides of the kitchen. I encourage this, as that way there is no risk of them beaking each other.

Stella:And Max:
But usually, before I know it, they are back to their old tricks:
Which quickly turns into Stella climbing the ladder and some jostling for position.

But, in other instances, they can be near each other without fighting. Take the shower. Lately, I've been showering with Calypso and the greys. I used to put shampoo bottles up to separate them, but that hasn't been necessary with this group.

Here are the two of them after this morning's shower, contentedly perching on one foot:
It's not until I photograph the length of the shower that you can see exactly how close they are!
Stella appears to want to be friendly with Max; I think she'd be up for some allopreening. But Max is not interested. Perhaps it's because she was an only bird for several years. Maybe someday we'll adopt a bird that will be friendly with Stella!


The Homeless Parrot said...

I know greys don't have all the flashy colors and whatnot...but I think they are the most photogenic birds! Their faces are so expressive. Max looks very chill, while Stella is a little wary...

Mary said...

They are so gorgeous. And each one looks so different once you're around them enough.

Nothing really ruffles Max as long as one of her humans is around. Stella does tend to be a bit more apprehensive -- you read them right :)