Friday, March 19, 2010

Fight or flight

Occasionally something scary happens. These events are perceived only by the parrots, and usually only by the greys. The humans are extremely perplexed as to what these scary events are. There is no pattern.

In any case, something happens, and both greys take off, flying around the house. Usually the other parrots don't participate in this madness; however, occasionally a grey will fly into another parrot, forcing them to take off.

That's what happened this morning. Calypso got mixed up in their ridiculousness, through no fault of his own.Calypso isn't the greatest flier, so this morning he landed in a weird spot and then made begging noises until I had him step up on my hand and replaced him on his stand.

After their several second fly about, the greys were fine.

1 comment:

belovedparrot said...

Oh, you have those scary invisible beings, too? I thought they only haunted my house. I'm grateful my parrots are always alert to these beings' presence -- who knows what would happen if my parrots weren't here to warn me!