Friday, March 26, 2010

Night terrors and other things

The last time Stella had any night terrors was over 15 months ago; she had another one last night.

The whole experience was very similar to what happened last time. This time, the parrots went to bed around 7:30. I was woken up at around 11:25 by thrashing. When it continued, I went downstairs. I tried to comfort Stella through the cage bars, but it wasn't working, so I had her step up on my hand.

She freaked out and flew into the kitchen. It sounded like she landed pretty hard, but appeared to be OK when I got her. I comforted her for a few minutes. She refused to go in her cage, so I comforted her a bit more, then she reluctantly went back to bed.

During this time, Max also fell off of her perch; I'm not sure if that was for attention or if she was suffering from whatever Stella was. In any case, I reassured her verbally that everything was OK and told her to go back to sleep.

I was back upstairs at 11:35. Since Thomas was not home, I was tempted to take her upstairs with me to finish out the night. However, I did not want to start a precedent and give her an incentive to fake night frights so she can sleep upstairs with us.

Like last time, I had a hard time getting back to sleep. Finally, I put on a lecture about the Byzantine Empire and that did the trick!

This morning, the parrots all appeared to be normal.

Andreas's light burned out Wednesday evening. He was out at the time, and when the light switched off, he looked quizzically at the dark bulb. I had to wait a few minutes to change his bulb so the old bulb could cool down. I wasn't quick enough for him, apparently, as he went into his hide in protest.

As soon as the new light was installed, he came back out.

Last night should be the last night that Thomas ever has to work a 30+ hour overnight shift at the hospital! I am so excited about this! Now we just have to make it through the inevitable crabbiness that will present itself tonight after such sleep deprivation.

We are running a half marathon tomorrow. Thomas has ambitious goals for a finishing time. We will see what happens! I prefer to set easier goals because then it's exciting when you smash them. And there's less of a chance of disappointment.

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