Monday, March 15, 2010

More newspaper madness

On Friday, Thomas was working late, so I took the opportunity to work on the sudoku puzzle in the paper. Not surprisingly, as the parrots are not adhering to my radius of calm, I was prevented from doing so:Look at my puzzle, in the upper right hand corner, mostly blank. I was greeted about a thousand times by Rocky: "Hello! Hello Rock! Hello! Hello Rock!" Finally Thomas got home and I was able to finish my puzzle in peace.

On Sunday, it was his turn to have his radius of calm penetrated.

Beeps was on his lap, to protect him from any attempts by Max to buzz him, exiling him to the living room. Rocky seemed to be a bit displeased that he was on the opposite side of the paper from his mate (note the caique tail peeking through):
Since macaws are crafty and resourceful, Rocky was able to maneuver things to his liking:Of course, Thomas then had trouble reading the paper, but who needs to stay informed?

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