Friday, March 5, 2010


Thomas ran after work yesterday, which meant an evening shower. The parrots were so excited!

Beeps sits on the door:And Max and Rocky were up top. At first, the were ignoring each other:
Then Rocky tried to chase her off:
But once she got an acceptable distance from him, he changed his mind:Here's a short video:

Max has had a feather askew for over a day now. I'm pretty sure it's about to molt out, but she hasn't done anything to fix it. Hopefully it's gone when I get home tonight!
Hope everyone has a good weekend!

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Richard Lyon said...

And doesn't it drive you insane when they have a feather out of place? It does me. I also hate the heavy molting season. Did the feather molt, or was it plucked? Examine it to determine..... look the bird over with a keen eye (which they love, and gets done most days anyway.... but still.)