Monday, March 8, 2010

Sunday Rocky

Sunday, Thomas was doing some brewing work. He had to transfer one beer from the primary to secondary fermenter, and bottle another beer.

An army of bottles, waiting to be filled:We decided to put everyone in their cages so we could work on this uninterrupted. Also, that way parrot feathers would not find their way into the beer. Rocky was the sole exception -- Thomas let him out.

And he didn't leave the living room for the hour or so we were in the kitchen! I'd check on him periodically to make sure he was OK -- he was always doing one of three things:

1. tending to the balls in the bottom of his cage (I have to get this on video)
2. attacking the blankets on the couch
3. destroying the paper in Beeps's cage tray

He was also singing, talking, laughing, etc. It was really quite amazing. Who was that macaw and what did he do with Rocky?

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