Friday, March 19, 2010

More Max

Max continues to go through stages of neediness. Times when all she wants to do is be on Thomas or me. I took this video on Wednesday night. I was trying to get her to go on her stand, but she was resisting my attempts. Sorry it's a bit dark and back-lit.

I was kind of irritating her feet so that she'd step onto the stand. I find it amusing how, towards the end, she grabs my finger away. I should have kept filming a few seconds more -- when I say "Up!" she knows I'm serious and immediately went on her stand. She was just pretending to not understand my body language command!

And, proof that I'm not always trying to get my parrots to not be near me:

She's so awkward when she walks on the ground. I just love it!

1 comment:

belovedparrot said...

The neediness is Max needing protection from those scary invisible beings!