Friday, March 19, 2010

View to a Kill

Rocky absolutely hates it when Thomas wears running clothes. As with most things that set the parrots off, we don't know *why* this is, though of course we speculate. I think it's because he realizes that when Thomas wears running clothes he's leaving the house and won't be back for an hour or so.

Wednesday evening, the parrots were out and Thomas got ready to go for his run (I had run that morning, so was staying back to make dinner).

Rocky was hanging out in the hallway and attacking Thomas every time he walked by. Thomas was gracious enough to walk the gauntlet again, for the sole purpose of me filming a Rocky attack.

This did seem to be somewhat of a half-hearted attempt. Had Rocky really wanted to do damage, he could have bit Thomas on the leg. Instead, he aimed for the shoe.

Also, this is why I always carry a stick with me!

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