Thursday, March 4, 2010

Rocky and shoes

I'm posting this out of order with my last entry. As we were waiting for Thomas to come home, we were all in the kitchen. I was reading the paper and making dinner while trying to keep an eye on the parrots and make sure calm reigned.

Rocky decided last night to hang out with the shoes. This caused a bit of trouble with Stella, who has claimed the shoes for herself, but after one minor scuffle, she was content to stay on her stand.

Here's Rocky, just hanging out on one of Thomas's shoes:
A few seconds later, he's so comfortable he's preening himself while perching on a shoe:A little later, here he is:

You can hear my commentary a bit, but here's some text detail. I was fine with Rocky hanging out on the shoes as long as he didn't do any damage. When he started doing potential damage to Thomas's shoe, I told him to get off, and he listened. He moved on to my boot, which I had placed there because I was fine with him attacking it. He seems a bit miffed when he doesn't get the reaction he was looking for!

He usually steps up much nicer on the stick; I had the camera in one hand and was therefore trying to get him to step up with my left hand, plus I wasn't able to make eye contact.

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