Thursday, March 11, 2010

Radius of calm

Last night, Thomas spent the night at the hospital. As I've mentioned before, the parrots are much needier when I'm alone with them. I'm really not sure if it's normal neediness, but I notice it more because there's not someone else to take some of the pressure? Or if they worry that since Thomas isn't here he's not coming back so they actually are needier? Who knows!

In any case, last night I let out all of the parrots, with the exception of Daphne, who stayed in her cage for her own safety (she got out a little later when I could supervise). They were in the living room. I went into the kitchen to finish reading the paper.

Within a few minutes, all of the room-mobile parrots (the parrots who actually leave rooms by flying/walking -- Max, Rocky, Beeps, and Stella) were in the kitchen. They flew/walked to their stands. Soon they started closing in on me. A few minutes after their arrival, they were all within a 1 foot radius of me!

Beeps was on my lap, seeking refuge from Max who likes to chase him. Stella had flown to the back of my chair. Max and Rocky were standing on the newspaper I was trying to read; Max was also pushing her head into my hand so that I would pet her.

I tried to give everyone enough attention, but they were insatiable! After a few minutes, I put everyone on their stands again, started making dinner, and told them to give me a three-foot radius of calm -- meaning no parrots allowed within three feet of me.

Of course they did not comply.

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