Monday, October 4, 2010

The Enforcer

Last night, Thomas and all of the parrots were in the living room. I was in the kitchen, reading the paper. I hear Beeps land on the lizards' tanks (where he isn't allowed). Then I hear Thomas, who apparently didn't want to get up off of the couch to remove him, "Beeps, please get off of the tanks! Babycake, you know you shouldn't be there!"

Max apparently decided that Thomas was not taking effective action, so she buzzed Beeps, sending him back to his cage, then she flew into the kitchen, said "Good girl!" as she landed, and started begging for head pets:She must have been so proud of herself, putting her adversary in his place.

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belovedparrot said...

Charli does the same poses as Max does when she wants head scritches. She looks for pitiful I almost always give in.

These parrots . . . they're so smart it's scary. Myself, I just live in denial about who's in charge.