Friday, October 1, 2010

Foraging for water

Last night, we'd washed the parrots' food dishes and left them on the counter to dry, as per our usual routine. Max immediately flew over and started licking the residual water drops:Quick Steve update: Shannon has posted on her blog, but I felt like things wouldn't be properly wrapped up here until I could let you all know that he has arrived safely.

Shannon sent me a few updates throughout the day in transit yesterday, so I knew things were progressing well. Their relationship has made impressive strides in less than a day, including a marathon head-rubbing session solicited by Steve. He never let me do this to him in the three months he was here, so it was definitely something akin to love at first sight with Shannon.

This just reinforces that the absolute best outcome was achieved for Steve. He turned out to be one of the luckiest parrots I have met!

It's still a bit bittersweet for me; we haven't removed his cage from the kitchen yet, so I find myself talking to him, or looking to see where he is when I enter the house. I caught myself saying "I'll be back!" in his tone when I left this morning. Maybe one of my parrots will pick that up as a Steve remembrance.

I have an extremely busy weekend scheduled, but next week, things should more or less return to normal, so I'll once again have time to read blogs, respond to comments, update my blog roll, etc. The past month has been so hectic; I'm surprised I'm still in one piece!


Richard Lyon said...

Ah good, I'm glad the Steve handover is going well. That was worrying me.

Shannon said...

Hi Mary,

I bet you miss Steve! He's such a dear and I really cherish him already. He's still quite nervous but he's even a bit better today than yesterday. He is actually making beeps and an occasional click sound. The high beeps seem to happen when I leave the room; the clicks seem to happen as a greeting. He did this during our flight together. I really love him. Thank you again for everything you did to make his life better!

belovedparrot said...

Mary, I think you and Thomas are fabulous. Thank you!!!